Child Orchestra

Child Orchestra is a musical interactive playground that aims to critically use technologies when teaching music to preschoolers. The system is intended to be used as a curriculum activity over the period of several months to introduce children to active listening. In the playground, children can control an algorithmic composed music by interacting with a number of ad-hoc designed tangible artefacts. The technology was developed following participatory design and HCI methods and tested in a local kindergarten in a period of 7 months. This research was funded by the Italian ministry project Inf@nzia DIGI.tales 3.6


  • UX research - I lead a series of design workshop with different stakeholders (pedagogues, kindergarten teachers, music teachers)
  • Prototyping - I lead the three-staged prototyping phase (paper p., animated drawing p. , video p.). Each prototyping phase was evaluated with children, parents, and teachers


  • Cristina Core
  • Andrea Conci
  • Raul Masu
  • Adriano Siesser
  • Antonella De Angeli


  • Sep 2015 to May 2016 – Scuola dell’Infanzia di Cavedine – Trento, Italy
  • R. Masu, A. Conci, C. Core, A. De Angeli and F. Morreale. Robinflock: a Polyphonic Algorithmic Composer for Interactive Scenarios with Children. Proc. Sound and Music Computing, Helsinki, Finland. 2017.
  • C. Core, A. Conci, A. De Angeli, R. Masu and F. Morreale. Designing a Musical Playground in the Kindergarten. Proc. British HCI, Sunderland, United Kingdom. 2017. Download