Conference papers accepted at NIME, DIS, CHI, ISPS, ICMC

A few papers have been accepted at music / HCI conferences. Thanks to Andrew, Andrea, Charlotte, Jack, Rebecca, Giacomo, Alessia, Visda, and Artemis for the great job they have done!

  • “Magpick: an Augmented Guitar Pick for Nuanced Control” by Fabio Morreale, Andrea Guidi & Andrew McPherson. Oral presentation at NIME 2019 in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • “Chowndolo” by Giacomo Lepri, Alessia Milo & Fabio Morreale. Interactive installation to be presented at NIME 2019 in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • “Designing Creative Tensions between Concept and Embodied Practice” by Andrew McPherson, Fabio Morreale & Andrea Guidi. To be presented at the CHI 2019 workshop “Doing Things with Research through Design”.
  • “Making Sense of Sensors: Discovery Through Craft Practice with an Open-ended Sensor Material” by Charlotte Nordmoen, Jack Armitage, Fabio Morreale, Rebecca Stewart & Andrew McPherson. Oral presentation at DIS 2019 in San Jose, United State
  • “An Early-Stage Autobiographical Account of a New Performance Technology” by Fabio Morreale. Poster presentation at ISPS 2019 in Melbourne, Australia
  • “Exploring Participatory Sound Art” by Visda Goudarzi, Artemis Gioti, Giacomo Lepri & Fabio Morreale. Oral presentation at ICMC 2019 in New York, United States