In 2021 I will teach the following courses at the School of Music of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Undergraduate courses

  • MUS 111 : Composition 2 (half course) - An introduction to computer music composition. Students will learn to craft new sounds using synthesis and manipulation techniques.

  • MUS 258 : Music Computing - Introductory course to theory and practice of different areas of music computing, among which: sound design; computational musicology; algorithmic composition; musical interface design; music & artificial intelligence.

  • MUS 311 : Composition 6 (half course) - An introduction to algorithmic composition and live coding.

  • MUS 358 : Musical Interface Design - An introduction to the theory, design, craft, and development of new technologies for music performance (interactive installations and digital musical instruments).

  • MUS 246-346: Experimental Music (half course).

Postgraduate courses

  • MUS 737: Music Technology Research Research course about critical perspectives on music technology. Covered topics include: music and AI, politics of music technology, streaming platforms critique, and interfaces for music education.

  • MUS 735: Advanced Studies in Music Production and Technology An intensive interface-based course that focuses on advanced theories and practice of music production and computer music.