May 31, 2021
Invited presentation on NFTs

This weekend I will join the international conference series MoneyLab in Wellington. On Friday 4 June I will give a presentation on potential harms and benefits of NFTs and on Saturday 5 June I will join the panel Non-Fungible Token-isms moderated...

May 10, 2021
NFT webinar

In a couple of weeks I will host the webinar NFT: Truths, myths & futures of non-fungible tokens in the arts. We will have three great panelists: Alex Sims, Aaron MacDonald, and Brooke Howard-Smith. Free registration here.

March 25, 2021
Mata ki te mata - new installation at the Auckland Museum

Mata ki te mata (Eyes on Tāmaki) is an interactive installation on data surveillance and facial recognition that just opened at the Auckland Museum. The installation is the product of a great collaboration with my University of Auckland colleagues...

December 18, 2020
New EP released !=chill-out

I released a new EP on Bandcamp. I created all the tracks with SuperCollider with some minor post-production. This release is a continuation, in a different style, of my previous endeavours to create unsettling, alienating, and slightly disturbi...