Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

New journal article in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

A journal article that I wrote with Raul Masu and Antonella De Angeli has been published on Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing. The article is open access, thus it can be downloaded for free at this link. In this paper, The Influence of Coauthorship in the Interpretation of Multimodal Interfaces, we advocate that heterogeneous interpretation of a design artefact could be fostered by embedding in the design process values and perspectives from different individuals.

This paper presents a model to codesign interpretively flexible artefacts. We present the case study of Beatfield, a multimodal system that allows users to control audiovisual material by means of tangible interaction. The design of the system was coauthored by individuals with different background and interests to encourage a range of difference interpretations. The capability of Beatfield to foster multiple interpretations was evaluated in a qualitative study with 21 participants. Elaborating on the outcome of this study, we present a new design model that can be used to stimulate heterogeneous interpretations of interactive artefacts.