Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

Creative work


  • Forme Cangianti (2021) Audiovisual livecoding, Ars Electronica, ISMIR 2021,.
  • Sound House (2021) Acousmatic interactive composition, Hayball, Melbourne (Australia).
  • !=chill-out (2020) EP, Experimental electronics.
  • Drawing Room (2020) Sound design for an installation, Center of Contemporary Art, Christchurch (New Zealand).
  • Acheode - Anxiety (2012) LP, Technical Brutal Death Metal.
  • Musical instruments and interfaces

  • Magpick (2018-2020) Augmented pick for electric guitar that senses the motion of the pick and translates it into nuanced sonic interactions.
  • Cembalo Scrivano (2018) Augmented typewriter that detects typing activities and generates audio and visual in real time.
  • Chimney (2016-2019) Software interface that allows composers to select musical but leaves the temporal evolution to an algorithmic agent.
  • Ljudskogen (2017-ongoing) Large-scale musical instrument playable by interacting with strings to control aspects of audio and visual aspects of the composition.
  • Beatfield (2015-2016) Augmented game board that allows players to explore a constantly generated audio visual landscape by interacting with tangible objects.
  • Installations

  • This is (not) an NFT (2022) NFT installation to criticise the existence NFTs.
  • Mata ki te mata (2021) Museum installation aimed to expose issues of data surveillance through facial recognition and smartphone interaction.
  • Why do we...? (2020) Browser installation interrogating how technology and social networking intepret, analyse, and shape social issues.
  • Generative Everything (2015-2016) Audiovisual installation in which visual and music material is generated in real time.
  • TwitterRadio (2014-2015) An exploration into the role of music as a medium for representing information about people's perception of the latest trends and news.
  • The Music Room (2013-2015) Interactive installation where pairs of visitors can direct the emotional character of music by means of their movements in a room.
  • Mobile apps

  • Generate (2018-2021) Drawing app for iOS that transforms images into abstract and geometric drawings.
  • +tempo (2018-2021) Incremental metronome for iOS designed to facilitate learning new musical passages by gradually increasing the bpm by an imperceptible amount.
  • Entangle (2017-2021) Drawing app for iOS designed to allow users to create complex geometric shapes, textures, and patterns in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Interfere (2017-2021) Drawing app for iOS in which the output is the result of a collaboration between the user and a number of algorithmic agents.