Ljudskogen (Sound Forest) is a large-scale musical instrument currently exhbited at the Scenkonst Museet of Stockholm (Sweden). The instrument is composed of vibrating tiles in the floor, playable strings from floor to ceiling, and changing light. By interacting with the strings, the visitors can be the co-creator of the music by controlling aspects of the composition such as the tone and the light.


  • Ideation - I conceptualised the idea behind the installation, which was inspired by The Music Room
  • UX reserach - I lead the initial phases of design, conducting a design workshop with sound engineers, composers, and the museum staff


  • Roberto Bresin
  • Ludvig Elblaus
  • Emma Frid
  • Federico Favero
  • Lars Annersten
  • David Berner


  • From April 2017 is exhibited at the Scenkonst Museet of Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Bresin, R., Elblaus, L., Frid, E., Favero, F., Annersten, L., Berner, D., & Morreale, F. Sound Forest/Ljudskogen: a Large-Scale String-Based Interactive Musical Instrument. Proc. Sound and Music Computing, Hamburg, Germany. 2016.