Generative Everything 2083

Generative Everything is an interactive installation whose auditory and visual contents are generated in real time by two algorithmic agents. The musical agent composes and plays an ambient music. The visual agent generates visual compositions that are inspired by fractal geometry and that follow the musical cue. The alinearity and the non-determinism of the installation allow the system to generate completely new and non-replicable performances. Besides the purely aesthetic experience, Generative Everything encourages reflections and speculations on possible future scenarios of art, when the artwork will be co-created by the artist and forms of artificial intelligence. In this context, the artist role is purposely “downgraded”: once they had taught the rules to the machine they are precluded to control the actual evolution of the artwork.

Year: 2015-16

Role: ideation, visual design

Collaborators: Raul Masu, Slava Avilov


  • 4 February 2018, The Whale Project, Voronezh (Russia).
  • 12 December 2015, Generative Art Conference, Verona (Italy). link
  • 4 September 2015, PATH Festival, Verona (Italy).