Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

Sound House (2021)

Sound House is a stereo adaptation of an 8-channel interactive composition that I co-composed with Dr David Chisholm. The composition was developed for Hayball Design Studio in the context of the Melbourne Design Week 2021. The piece is generated in real time with SuperCollider responding to visitors’ position in a confined space, and sound is distributed to the various speakers accordingly. The sound emerges through the sum and interference of thousands of simple sound waves with resulting aesthetic evoking sounds of bells and raindrops, with an uncanny sub-bass presence. For this specific track, we let SuperCollider generate sound material for 60 minutes, reacting to the movements of one imaginary visitor. The original interactive composition has been developed in collaboration with Hayball, Austeng, and Imagine Intelligent Materials. More information on the installation can be found here.