Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

This is (not) an NFT (2022)

I created two identical ever-evolving visual artworks using shaders and put them next to each other in an art gallery. The only difference between the two is the embedded caption. One reads “this.is.an.nft”, and is indeed an NFT that has been actually minted on a blockchain. It is available for sale for a stupidly high amount of cryptocurrency. The other one reads “this.is.not.an.nft” and is simply stored on my website. It is completely free.

With this work, I wanted to expose from within the absurdity and ephemerality of the NFT as a medium.

Year: 2022

Role: ideation, design, development

Exhibition: 18-21 October, 2022. Inhuman Transaction, George Faser Gallery, Auckland (New Zealand)