Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

Interfere (2017)

Interfere offers an unique and uncanny drawing experience. You will not be able to precisely control the trace of the drawing as you traditionally do. Instead, the evolution of the drawing will be partially determined by an algorithmic agent. You will be adding control points to the screens and the agent will draw a line that connects these points and a number of variations of the line following some stochastic behaviours modelled on the Perlin noise. Despite the creation of the artwork is shared with an AI, you can personalise many of its aspects. For instance, you can make the lines more or less curved, play with their width and distance, and fine-tune the randomness of the variations. Once satisfied with your drawing, you can export the image as a JPG or as a vector, and finalise it with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or with 3D modelling software. The results are drawings that resemble the Moirè effect so Interfere can be also used as an educational tool by researchers and practitioners in art and science that are interested in exploring this effect. Although it is commonly considered an unwanted side-effect in printing processes, this effect has since long inspired generations of artists and mathematicians for the optical illusions that the phasing and superposition of the frequencies cause.

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