Cembalo Scrivano (2018)

The Cembalo Scrivano .2 (CS2) is an augmented typewriter. Visitors interact with the typewriter by typing as they would normally do with a typewriter. The system detects the typing activity and generates and manipulates audio and visual materials in real-time. This project is a re-edition of CS1, a project from Giacomo Lepri inspired by a writing machine invented by Giuseppe Ravizza in 1855, which he called Cembalo Scrivano (Scribe Harpsichord) due to the piano-keys aesthetic. Ravizza designed the machine borrowing the interaction paradigm from the harpsichord (from music to typewriting). CS2 inverts the analogy: from the interaction paradigm of the typewriter to an instrument for audiovisual art. The audiovisual are strongly influenced by an ambiguous aesthetic in which a single correct interpretation of the instrument is missing. This characteristic allow the visitors to project their own stories in the installation and develop their own interpretation

Year: 2018

Role: visual art (shaders)

Collaborators: Giacomo Lepri

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  • 6 July 2018, COLLAB, Graz (Austria)