Fabio Morreale

Senior lecturer

STS Italia call for abstracts

Maria Eriksson and I will convene a track at STS Italia 2020 on “Effect of dataveillance on artistic and cultural production: Exploiting user data to shape user preferences and create new content”. The conference will be hosted in Trieste, June 18-20 2020, by the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies. Abstracts can be written in English or in Italian and should be submitted by 9 February to the conference email address and to me.

[…] The rise of dataveillance for the creation of artistic and cultural content has multiple and dramatic consequences, starting from the hidden form of labour exploitation in which value is produced by monitoring and commodifying collective experience and knowledge. Notably, these consequences are not limited to music, as similar dynamics affect other forms of digital content like movies, podcasts, visual art, and computer games. This track encourages submissions across different domains discussing the consequences of dataveillance in shaping user preferences and creating new content to be fed to the user. Possible contributions to this track include the following: i) exploration of the struggles and tensions regarding creation and distribution of cultural content that are enabled by dataveillance; ii) inquiries into the effects of profiling cultural identities on reinforcing division and stagnating artistic innovation; iii) proposition of possible forms of resistance.
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