New article at the Journal of Network Music and Arts

Andrew (Drew) McMillan and I recently published an article at the Journal of Network Music and Arts. In the article we talk about Drew’s experience with administering an performance series that was moved online due to the 2020 lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Purpose and Well-Being Through Administering Network Performances
Andrew McMillan, Fabio Morreale
Download the paper here.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, music communities who found themselves in social and physical isolation have been trying to find alternative solutions to keep some form of connection. Network performance is one of these solutions, one that is specifically aimed at enhancing communities’ connectivity beyond one’s intimate surroundings. In order for network performances to properly work, there are numerous roles that need to be filled; these include performers, administrators, technicians, and event organizers. This paper presents new discussions aimed at understanding these evolving roles and the way in which they are intertwined. These discussions are based on the autobiographical reflections of one of the authors, Andrew McMillan, and his experience as organizer and technician of network performances during this crisis. This article has two objectives: one is scholarly and one is pragmatic. First, we discuss the sociotechnical challenges and opportunities of managing organizational and technical aspects of network performances. We discuss how this form of social connectivity can be considered an autotelic experience, which also creates a strong sense of purpose and well-being in isolation. Second, we offer practical suggestions and technical solutions for running online performance series.