Sound House - new interactive composition for the Melbourne Design Week

Sound House is an interactive composition that will be exhibited at Hayball Design Studio in the context of the Melbourne Design Week 2021. The piece, which I co-composed with my colleague Dr David Chisholm, is generated in real time with SuperCollider responding to visitors’ position in a confined space.

Inspired by Barry Blesser and Lind-Ruth Salter’s 2006 seminal publication Spaces Speak: Are You Listening?, Hayball’s installation ensemble consists of a botanical filled meander path leading to an aural chamber, Sound House. Visitors are invited to move around freely, finding their personal ‘sound’ sweet spot, where the sound pieces move and converge by mirroring the patterns of their footfall. The smart floor activates an acoustic and visual experience unique to each visitor. As we adapt to a human experience with less touch, less smell, more virtual—we can and should experience space by listening. Sound House encourages reflective thought, a mental slow down, to be in the moment; providing an aural architecture experience to stimulate the imagination.

This interactive composition has been developed in collaboration with Hayball, Austeng, and Imagine Intelligent Materials.

The opening is Thursday 1 April from 5:30-9pm - you can book it here.