◆ teaching

I am currently teaching the following courses at the Te Whare o ngā Pūkōrero PūoroSchool of Music of the Waipapa Taumata RauThe University of Auckland, AotearoaNew Zealand.

MUS 111 : Composition 2 (half course) - sound design (synthesis and manipulation)

MUS 210-258 : Composing with Computers - algorithmic composition, live coding, music-AI

MUS 311 : Composition 6 (half course) - acousmatic music, audiovisual compositions.

MUS 358 : Musical Interface Design - design, craft, and development of new technologies for music performance using Bela

MUS 246/346: Experimental Music (half course)

MUS 735: Advanced Studies in Music Production and Technology

MUS 737: Music Technology Research

◆ supervision

I am currently open to supervise master and doctoral students on projects aligned with my research interests. Please get in touch if you are interested, I am happy to discuss potential projects.

★★★ current doctoral students

Andrew McMillan (ongoing, main supervisor) - An Autoethnographic Study Aimed at Researching, Designing, and Developing an Accessible Musical Interface

Tom Pierard (ongoing, second supervisor) - Recontextualising Music Education: Multimodal Learning through a DAW Lens

Tom Pierard (ongoing, second supervisor) - Informal music technology experiences and their impact on formal music and technology education